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Indigenous and Cultural Psychology Working Paper Series
Volume 8; December 2013
Issue 1 Why do Indonesian Respect their Parents? An Indonesian Indigenous Perspective
Galuh Adnindya & Yopina Galih Pertiwi
Issue 2 Parental Pressures Toward Late Adolescents: The Indonesian Experience
Rifqi Fauzia Nurhayati
Issue 3 Javanese Adolescents’ Self Concept Based on Parents and Second Parents’ Perception
Regisda Machdy Fuadhy & Sofia Retnowati
Issue 4 Stimulies of Anger among Indonesian Adolescents
Aulia Kusuma Wardani
Issue 5 Contributing Factors to Adolescents’ Happiness Across Sex: an Indigenous Psychological Analysis
Acintya Ratna Priwati