Our commitment is to present the vast psychological dynamics of Indonesian people within the context of diverse cultural background, as a part of our contribution to the nation.
International Mindset
As a part of our vision, CICP members are encouraged to enrich their academic experience by doing research and having the confidence to disseminate the result on international forums
CICP works as a family, where CICP members share difficulties, warmth, and laughter together. By working as a family, CICP members will be able to grow together while contributing to CICP's development.

Message from the Director of CICP

Welcome to the Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology

Established in 2010, we are a center dedicated to develop research in Indigenous and Cultural Psychology in Indonesia. As a center that revolves around constructive realism, our researchers emphasizes the utmost importance of translating social discourse according to its context in order to avoid homogenized thinking. This website introduces you the exciting progress of CICP during the previous years up to the present day in highlighted concentrations: Achievement, Happiness, Self, Trust and Interpersonal Relations (more information on our current research here).

As a university-based research center, CICP takes pride in involving exceptional students (undergraduate and post-graduate) in the process of our research. Students, alongside their mentors, are encouraged to produce their own study and disseminate their findings in international forums. It is aspired that students acquire sharp analytical skills, develop their own research style, and gain confidence through their hands-on experience at CICP (see our published articles here and working-paper collection here). In 2013, A School of Researcher was established in order to train and assist students more systematically and efficiently. The school constitutes of various sessions, including “introduction to qualitative research”, “introduction to indigenous psychology” and “step-by-step in thematic content analysis” (if you are a student in Faculty of Psychology UGM please check our opportunity bank here).

I welcome your comments and suggestions, in hopes you will join our efforts to develop a more complete understanding of Indonesian people from an Indigenous and Cultural Psychology perspective.

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Wenty Marina Minza, S.Psi., M.A.
Director of Center for Indigenous and Cultural Psychology