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Cluster Social Relation

Subcluster: Friendship
What kind of friendships occured among career women?
Subcluster: Romantic relationship
How do adolescents perceive the conflicts which are occured in their romantic relationships?
Subcluster: Marriage
How does uang panai affect marriage?
Subcluster: Parent-Child Relation
How are parent-child relations differed in adolescents who have a high level of achievement and those who are involved in deliquent behaviors?
Subcluster: Adolescent-The Elderly Relation
How does adolescent-the elderly relation affect adolescents’ attitudes towards the elderly?
How does the relation affect both of their wellbeing?
Subcluster: Neighborhood Relation
How is neighbour relation formed in one gate-system housing?

Youth (Im)mobility

Subcluster: Youth and Migration
What are the social relations which can encourage or hinder youth to migrate?
How are the dynamics the relations?
Subcluster: Generation Y and Career Aspiration
What are the career aspirations of generation Y?
Subcluster: Transportation Psychology
What behaviors considered as unsafe on the road?

Deception and Culture

How does locus of control or the feeling of inferiority affect cheating?
How is the dynamic of cheating behavior?
What are the other manifestations of cheating behavior?

Mental Health and Culture

How do Javanese deal with mental health issues?


How is the stability of “anchor”, in relation to Big Five Personality Theory and the concept of locus of control?

The Dynamics of Personality Development: Suryomentaram Approach

How does personality develop, based on Suryomentaram approach?

Trust (collaborative research with Universitas Negeri Makassar)

How is the concept of trust applied in friendship?