CICP Held First Workshop Progress Research Cluster

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Workshop Progress Research Cluster (WPRC), CICP’s routine agenda aims as a discussion forum for research clusters to share their cluster’s progress and future agenda, has been held on Friday, 10th of March 2017. Research coordinators and members are welcomed to give any suggestion or critic to each other in order to build a constructive research environment. Nine research (sub)clusters attended the workshop and reported their progress. Those were Parent-Child Relation, Friendship, Romantic Relationship, and Neighbor Relationship from Research Cluster Social Relation; Generation Y and Career Aspiration, Social Relation in the Context of Youth Migration from Research Cluster Youth Mobility; Research Cluster Deception and Culture; and Research Cluster Sprituality. Some of them had submitted their research proposals to the faculty or other funding sources, while the others had developed their research instruments. Henceforward, WPRC is expected to become the medium for research clusters to share the obstacles found in research process. (AF/SJ/AR).